November 2020 Xbox Console Update Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One have begun to emerge for family devices. This month’s release includes new options for dynamic backgrounds, the new “Xbox Series X | Includes “S” badges, including a new way of finding games Xbox Game Pass, The ability to add existing Xbox family members to a new console, and general bug fixes and performance improvements. Here are some new additions as part of the update:
Your Xbox Series X With New Dynamic Background Designs | Personalize the S
Dynamic Backgrounds Xbox Series X | A new feature for S is that it gives gamers the ability to customize their homepage with movement and color. This update adds six new options, including one honoring others based on previous generation Xbox consoles and popular profile themes.
Identify which games are using Auto HDR with new tech tags
When you turn on the auto HDR setting on your console, it improves the visual quality of the game without changing the overall look of the game. When you open the guide during the game running Auto HDR, you’ll see a new tag to let you know the game is benefiting from this feature.
“Series X | Optimized for S ”Badges tell you which games are optimized
To make it easier to see which of your games are optimized, Microsoft My games and apps have their tiles “X | S ”badge added. “Xbox Series X | You can also use the Filter button to see the S Optimized only for games.
Check your achievement status on the Game Activity tab
The Game Activity tab is your only place in the guide to discover things to do in the game you’re currently playing. You can hunt those achievements, play with your friends or others, or discover game events.
Add family member accounts during setup
With the help of the Xbox Family Settings app on Android and iOS, parents and caregivers can create child accounts, update screen time limits, and respond to notifications. Gamers with existing Xbox families will now be able to add family members to their consoles, from OK Setup.


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