Some people say that Airpods max ‘Maximum’ Apple As for products. The invisible design, the solid hardware, and the price that provokes plenty of fuss – make it a talking point. 59,900 Rs. A pair of headphones is a lot of money – according to Apple’s standards but people at Cupertino are sure to make people beeline for them. You may wonder why?
Apple’s design game seems to be on point. Another time
Well, let’s start with the design, Apple does better than everyone else. Both Bose and Sony make stellar headphones but Apple seems to have an edge over the way headphones look. Brands love to have the same look on their headphones. Who would have thought that mesh on headphones – which flows with a stainless steel headband – Apple has turned that idea on its head by putting a mesh. Speaking of Apple, the headband has a “revolutionary mechanism” that makes it easy to set up and connect earcups with the hinge. Not sure how it works but is comfortable, no?

Strong case to smart case
And then, of course, the internet has already become a subject of memes and jokes. The case of any other headphones does not give you the option to charge without pulling out the headphones. Apple has designed this case to charge without removing headphones. Jokes may be funny but it can be the apple that makes the bank laugh.

A button to rule everything
Others call it buttons, Apple calls it Digital Crown. This is a button – also found on the Apple Watch – to control the volume, to switch tracks among other things.
AirPods are betting on Apple’s ‘experience’
Apple isn’t always about the hardware, it’s about the experience. How to do that Air Pods Max instantly connects with the iPhone or iPad – just like any other headphone.

The best Apple hardware and software rolled into one
Apple relies on computational audio to deliver better sound output. The H1 chip within the AirPods Max is capable of up to 9 billion operations per second. It inspires transparency, active noise cancellation and adaptive EQ. Adaptive EQ changes audio quality depending on the headphones’ fit and seal – which is really cool.
Price means we can call Apple Apple
Apple 2020 is somewhat inconsistent with product launches and product prices. There is an affordable iPhone (SE), an affordable watch (SE) and although people expect the M1 MacBooks to be super expensive, Apple surprised them by not raising the price. Air Pods Max sheds that ‘affordable’ tag with the uplomb and reminds people that Apple can go back as far as prices are concerned. There is no more ‘affordable’ jazz – you have to pay big to get the best of Apple.

What else is in it?
Colors. Yes, there are five color variants – silver, space gray, pink, azure and green, which further upsets Apple’s design philosophy.
Why does Apple think it costs ‘60,000’ for a pair of headphones?
The AirPods Max is the quintessential Apple product: they look good, have all the elements of Apple’s design philosophy and cost a bomb. And as we have seen in the past, there are millions of such Apple products.


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