Sony recently updated its The Gaming Console – PlayStation in Selected Areas 5. While we are still waiting for the console to arrive in other areas, including India, a new report has emerged online suggesting that a new, more powerful version of the PS5 gaming console could be named the PS5 Pro. It is assumed that the Pro version will be run by both GPUs Instead of a single unit on an existing PS5.
According to a report by T3, the company filed a patent earlier this year United States Patent Application 20200242723. The patent application describes the patent as a scalable game console for the use of ‘home console and cloud gaming’.
The patent application refers to it Second The GPU component is communicated with the first GPU and is programmed to render both GPUs Different parts Video. For example, the first GPU is responsible for rendering the first part of the video and the second one is rendering the second.
Alternatively, the first GPU can be programmed to render some lines, but not all line videos, providing the first line output output, while the latter takes responsibility for rendering the second line video. Combine the first line and the second row and then render the entire frame.
The patented application refers to the console as a ‘high-end’ version of the console that offers better performance and storage capability. This suggests that the upcoming Pro version of the PS5 will offer more storage space and RAM compared to the ongoing model.
There is no official information on when the company is planning to release the alleged pro version of the PS5 on the market.


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