The e-commerce giant Flipkart Has launched a new program called Smart update planIt is said to allow buyers to upgrade easily Samsung Smartphones. Buyers can purchase the project on Flipkart for Rs 11.
Launched in partnership with Samsung, users will have to pay 70% off the price of a Samsung smartphone. For example, for a smartphone priced at Rs 15,999, customers will have to pay only Rs 11,199 at checkout.
A year later, these customers will then have two options. The first is to upgrade to a new phone on Flipkart and return the original device, so you can continue saving the 30% off the original price or, if they want to keep their phone, the remaining 30% off the original price using their existing smartphone.
As of now, the smart upgrade plan is available on Samsung Galaxy F41, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S20 +. The landing pages of these products are said to highlight a program that can be added to the cart.
Flipkart says the smart upgrade scheme applies to credit card or credit card EMI purchases or payments made through Bajaj FinServe EMI cards.
Flipkart says that handsets that are part of the Smart Upgrade Plan are not eligible for resale within a year.


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