New Delhi: Consumer Electronics giant Samsung Just months after the recent launch of its latest foldable smartphone – the Galaxy ZD Fold 2. device, the internet has been flooded with leaks and rumors of its successor, the Galaxy Fold 3. The smartphone is expected to be released in the second half of 2021, but the latest rumor about the smartphone says its price.
Samsung will certainly improve the design and hardware specifications of the foldable smartphone, but the company is expected to bring the handset at the same price as its predecessor. According to a recent tweet from the legendary Leicester Mauric QD, the Samsung Galaxy Z3 can be priced the same as the Galaxy Z2. Samsung Galaxy Z2 fold At $ 2,000 in most markets, so the Galaxy ZD fold 3 will also have a similar price if the leaks are to be believed.
This means customers will be able to experience new hardware features at a similar price.
Recently, another online report has revealed that Samsung may support the Samsung Galaxy Fold ZD Fold 3. This foldable phone from Samsung is also said to support the S-Pen, the first South Korean tech giant to roll out the foldable phone. The report suggests that the company has not yet offered this feature as it is having trouble developing a protective layer that prevents scratches when it comes to S Pen and screen connectivity, but has now come out as a company that has replaced transparent polyamide (CPI) film with ultra-thin glass (UTG).
The same can be said with this Samsung Galaxy Z3 fold The company can also roll out a notch screen design. It is also said that the Samsung Galaxy Z might include a 3-fold in-display camera.


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