Qualcomm Its introduced Snapdragon 888 The 521 mobile chip will power premium flagship smartphones in 2021. Qualcomm calls it the most advanced mobile chipset and brand Shyomi, Oppo, Realme and OnePlus It has already been confirmed that their next flagship smartphone will be powered by the Snapdragon 888 chipset.
The Snapdragon 888 is made using 5NM process technology powered by the Qualcomm Cryo 680 CPU, which produces up to 25% of the overall CPU performance and allows high frequencies up to 2.84GHz. This is the first commercial CPU subsystem based on the Arm Cortex-X1. It has a Qualcomm Adreno 660 GPU.
As for camera features, the Snapdragon 888 chipset comes with a Spectra 580 ISP. It has a triple image signal processor (ISP), capable of simultaneously capturing breakneck processing speeds from three cameras – up to 2.7 gigapixels per second.
Smartphones are able to support 120fps burst snapshots or capture three 4K HDR videos at the same time. The new 4K HDR with computational HDR video capture offers dramatic improvements to color, contrast and detail. Qualcomm Spectra 580 ISP launches new low-light architecture, for bright photos, even in the dark. Photo capture is also included in 10-bit color depth in HEIF format.
Qualcomm claims it is a sophisticated 5G chipset and comes with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth audio for enhanced mobile experiences. The combined 3rd generation Snapdragon X60 5G modem-RF system enables support for 5G sub-6 carrier aggregation. However, smartphone users in India have very little to do with 5G as of now.
The new Snapdragon 888 chipset supports the Qualcomm FastConnect 6900 mobile connectivity system, giving any mobile Wi-Fi 6 Wii speeds of up to 3.6 Gbps and the new 6GHz capability with Wi-Fi 6E. Support for Bluetooth 5.2, Dual Bluetooth Antennas, Qualcomm Optix Suite and more.
For AI advancement, the new chipset displays the Qualcomm Hexagon 780 processor, offering three times the performance per watt improvement over previous generations.
Qualcomm includes a number of security features, including the new Type-1 hypervisor, which provides a new way to secure and separate data between applications and multiple operating systems on the same device. The company has partnered with Troopic. “This allows Snapdragon 888 to capture cryptographic-sealed photos that conform to the Content Viewpoint Initiative standard, which is the standard for Adobe-led digital content development.”


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