New Delhi: Smartphone users According to a report by Counterpoint Research, the average price for unsecured smartphones in India is around Rs 2,400. The report states that one in four smartphone owners will visit the service center within six months of purchasing the new smartphone.
The report adds that the smartphone maker, in terms of after-sales service experience Of course 93% of consumers rated their experience as ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’, followed by Vivo (85%), Shyomi (81%) and Samsung (81%). In addition, Oppo was first in the after-sales service Realme And live.
“Because of the COVID-19 epidemic, many after-sales processes in India and abroad have been affected. Leading brands have taken initiatives to digitize the service delivery process, reduce wait time and manage contactless delivery, ”said Pavel Naya, senior analyst at Countpoint.

The report quoted Shiomi as “highly rated on the problem” and solution. It is ahead of the “knowledge and soft skills” of customer support officers compared to other major brands. Courtesy of its active large online community, Shiomi can solve many software problems while on the go, helping to delay a physical visit to the service center. After Vivo and Oppo in this regard.
Nine out of ten respondents served their smartphones on two visits. Oppo and Shiomi reported the minimum number of instances where users visited the service center with the same problem.

Research associate Arushi Chawla said, “The importance of smartphones has increased during the epidemic. It will be crucial for the after-sales service to have sufficient resilience to provide services during this effort. This has led to the after-sales of all major smartphone brands maintaining hygiene and social distance for the safety of their employees and visitors. The survey respondents found that almost all service center representatives were using masks. Samsung has handled contactless submissions and smartphones better than others. The use of hand gloves and face shields is more common in vivo service centers, followed by Samsung. ”


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