New Delhi: Central government introduces new digital platformCo-Win‘COVID-19 for vaccine delivery. There will be a new mobile app with the same name that will allow people to register for the vaccine.
This platform will be used to record vaccine data and will also form a database of healthcare workers. All COVID-19 related data required for vaccine delivery is currently being uploaded to the CO-WIN platform.
The application contains separate modules for administrators, registration, vaccination, beneficiary acceptance and reporting. Once people start registering for the app, the platform uploads massive data on co-morbidities provided by local authorities.
CO-WIN. The app is not yet available to smartphone users and it is expected to become publicly available soon. The different modules of the platform cover the entire process of COVID-19 vaccination, from registration to verification.
According to the report, “The Vaccination Module checks beneficiary details and updates the vaccination status, but the beneficiary’s acceptance module sends SMS to beneficiaries and also generates QR based certificates after vaccination” PTI. The CO-WIN platform is also used to send real-time temperature profiles of storage facilities to the main servers.


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