Comments about Social Media Sites and Platforms YouTube Sometimes in nature it can be quite hateful. Let’s face it Google Has introduced a new feature on YouTube. Last week, Google published a blog post explaining the feature that lets users be more courteous when they post a comment on any topic Video.
“To encourage respectful conversations on YouTube, we’re getting started Innovative features It alerts users when their comment is offensive and gives them the option to reflect before posting, ”Google said in a blog post.
A pop-up alert will be detected when a malicious or negative reference is detected within the comment. It is intended to remind users to keep comments respectful. As of now, the feature will be available Android There are no devices that reach any of the platforms. The pop-up, it should be noted, does not really prevent users from posting hateful comments but can feed them the thought of whether or not they should post it.
Google says that comments play an important role for creators to connect with their community. However, it received a steady response from the creators on issues of comments quality. “We are focused on improving comments with the goal of having healthy conversations on YouTube,” the company said in a blog post.
The technology giant has revealed that it has invested in technology, which helps its systems better detect and remove malicious comments by taking into account the content and content of the video. Since the beginning of 2019, Google has increased the number of daily hate speech comment removal by 46 times. “In the last quarter, The We ended up with over 1.8 million channels Over 54,000 terminations are for hate speech for violating our policies, ”Google disclosed.


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