BlackBerry And Amazon announced an alliance to create one Cloud Computing Cars Linked Platform for services and insights based on vehicle and user data.
Plans for Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform IVY sink cars Wireless to computing power at Amazon Web Services Shares of the Canadian-based company have been revised to more than nine per cent at $ 50.
“BlackBerry and AWS share a common vision to provide better insights for automakers and developers so that they can deliver new services to customers,” said BlackBerry chief executive John Chen Said in a joint statement.
IVY is intended as a cloud-connected software platform that can be used by any car manufacturer to analyze sensor data in real time and provide useful information to drivers.
Companies note that modern cars and trucks are built with thousands of parts from a range of suppliers, usually with proprietary hardware and software.
As a platform for additional applications or services from developers, the platform has the vision for drivers to quickly understand all that data.
The carmaker has “almost zero software skills” and IVY is a secure, cost-effective platform to tap into the power of cloud computing, Global Equity Research analyst Trip Choudhury said in a note to investors.
Amazon says the joint software runs on car or truck systems, but operates remotely from the cloud.
Examples of potential capabilities include identifying dangerous road conditions such as IVY ice or heavy traffic and prompting drivers to take safety measures.
Drivers of electric vehicles can share battery information with charging networks to book charging slots along the route, and parents can get sensor data about their teen’s driving, the companies said.
“AWS and BlackBerry enable any automaker to continually reinvent the customer experience and transform vehicles from technology-stable pieces to growing and adapting to the needs and preferences of users,” said AWS chief executive Andy Jassi.
BlackBerry has shifted gears to focus on software and services since Apple’s and Android software powered touchscreen phones were depleted in the mobile phone market a decade ago.
The BlackBerry Keyboard is set to be launched next year on the new 5G smartphone from Texas-based Onward Mobility.


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