After a fairly successful first stream Cramps, US politician Alexandria Ocasio CortezGoing by the name “AOC” on Twitch is going to stream the popular social reduction game Between us Back on the game’s streaming platform. US Representative of New York’s 14th Congressional District tweeted in response to a tweet from Canada’s New Democrat Jagmit Singh.
Singh tagged along AOC Earlier, he announced in a tweet that he would take over Stream between us. He tweeted @HasanTehun and uranwratwionLP in a tweet and asked if the AOC would join.
He responded to the invitation by tweeting: “Members of the Canadian Parliament and US Congressmen are going into space with each other. What could go wrong? I’m at JagJagmeetSingh! Let’s meet tomorrow.

That means the stream will start at 5:30 on Saturday morning. So, who else joins the stream? With the exception of four names, no new names have emerged so far. AOC’s First Among Us Stream Twitch has gained 435,000 viewers and reached the top five streams in Twitch history.


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