Earlier this year, Amazon W 1.w billions have been raised to acquire autonomous vehicle start-up ooks. Led by Jeff Bezos The company was more vague about its plans with Oooks when the acquisition was announced. The first self-driving car from OoOx will be unveiled on December 14. However, the first look of the car has already appeared online. According to several online reports, pictures of ooooks’ self-driving car have appeared on Reddit and Twitter.

From the pictures, it is obvious that the car looks like a bus door in the middle. The idea seems to be that passengers will be able to easily get in and out of the car. The passenger seats – or the car’s sole seats – are facing each other in the middle. Since it is a self-driving car, it does not have a driver’s seat.
The teaser video for the release of a sex driving car was shared on Yux YouTube, showing the vehicle’s silhouette and little.

Image courtesy: Twitter

The oo ooks launched in 2014 with the goal of designing vehicles for autonomous ride-hailing. Amazon bought it earlier this year but has not outlined what it intends to do. At the time of the acquisition, Jeff Wilke, CEO of Amazon Worldwide, said, “ooOOX is working to envision, invent and design a world-class autonomous ride-acting experience” and Amazon “wants to help talented oo -ooks” team to bring their vision to reality in the years to come. ”
Amazon can make a push Robotaxi business With ooks first self-driving car. There are ulation rumors that Amazon is using technology for its logistics business. However, according to a report by Forbes, Amazon intends to “pursue robotaxy.”


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