Microsoft The classic real-time strategy (RTS) has launched the definitive version of the game The Age of Empires 3 (AoE3) on October 15 this year. This completes the Definitive Edition trilogy of the Age of Empires games, which includes all the definitive versions of the three major era Empire titles. Now, with all three remastered versions launched, Microsoft is looking to continue the Age of Empires franchise with Age of Empires 4. Age of Empires 4 Starts, that’s huge. Why? Because there is a shortage RTS games In recent years. The genre is almost dry with quality titles and is one of the best bets to help AoE 4 revive it.
Microsoft confirmed the Age of Empires 4 at the Xbox X019 event in London last year. Then the game’s trailer was also released. So, what new things does the game offer? Here’s a solution to all things that have yet to be confirmed for Age of Empires 4:
The Heroes Company link
Relic Entertainment is developing the Age of Empires 4 (AOE 4), the developers of the still-highly-rated RTS Company of Heroes in collaboration with Xbox Game Studios.
New civilizations
Expect to add new civilizations to the game. The game’s trailer shows the Mongol hordes besieging the English Citadel, which means that the Mongols are now confirmed to be civilians, other than English.
Less civilizations
PCGamesN reports that AoE4 will have fewer civilizations than AoE2. This is based on a statement made by creative director Adam Isgreen in an interview with PC Games N. Asked about the number of civilizations in the upcoming game, he said: “You can expect less than 13 shipped with Age of Empires II, because we have more uniqueness with each civilization than quantity.”
It is possible to maintain the walls
In Age of Empires 4, it is possible to maintain the walls and, as such, you can stop your army with extensive attacks on the battlefield to fire at the enemy, which is not possible in AoE3
The siege weapon
The game has added siege weapons and allows you to more easily destroy enemy walls, as shown by the use of trawler trebuchets. AoE3, on the other hand, had large cannons, such as lil bombard, which had to be placed near the walls to damage them.
AoE 4 has the option of building outposts like AoE 4.
There are no microtransactions
In an interview with PCGamesN, the creative director of the game denied the possibility of microtransactions in the game.
DLCs ​​and expansion packs are a journey
In the same interview, he said: “DLC, extensions – all of which we will explore for age 4.”
Graphics overhaul
It goes without saying and it is clear from the trailer that the game comes with a graphics overhaul.
The launch date has not been confirmed
The game is expected to launch on PC and consoles.


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