Sakir: Victory Lewis Hamilton retained composure and later praised the safety systems of Formula One, after Romain Grosjean escaped a horrific fireball following an accident at the Bahrain Grand Prix.
The newly crowned seven-time champion has been an expert at challenging and chaotic situations, winning his 11th year at Mercedes this year.
But after a 95th career victory over Red Bull’s Max Verstappen during a late safety car intervention, he quickly congratulated the sport’s modern safety standards for saving a Frenchman who had broken into a Haas car before exploding in flames.

“It’s a very shocking movie to watch,” said Hamilton, who, like all drivers, has a 90-minute wait for a restart after a horrific initial lap accident. He used the break to tweet about safety.

“When I get in the car, I know I’m taking risks. I respect the risks involved in this sport. I posted about it during the break because it was scary.
“The car, the cockpit. I don’t know what GS pulled out, but I’m very grateful that the halo worked.
“It can be very bad, but I think it’s a reminder for us and hopefully for people who see this as a dangerous sport. We’re pushing the limits out there and playing with that limit, but you always have to respect that.
“It shows the amazing work that Formula One and the FIA โ€‹โ€‹have done to make him walk away from that, but it will be investigated – and they will do a terrible job to make sure they do something that will never happen again.”
Grosjean lost control of his hose after tapping to the right in the fierce battle positions on Turn Three on the opening lap, Daniel Quat’s Alpha Tauri’s front left wheel.

GrassGene’s car crashed into obstacles as it accelerated to 250 km / h (155 mph), and the front side bumped into steel guardrails, which immediately buckled.
The 34-year-old Grosjean, trapped in his cockpit, jumped into a steel barrier as it made its way and his car burst into flames.
F1’s Chief Physician Before Ian Roberts and his medical car driver, Alan van der Merwe, joined firefighters on track marshals, observers indicated that they had saved their lives by lifting a car barrier and equipment over their heads. Helped him escape.
Grosjean pulled himself out of his glare wreck and climbed through the flames to fly to the safety barrier with the help of Roberts.
“It’s scary,” Verstappen said. “We saw the red flag. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing right away. I saw a lot of fire and I thought it wasn’t good, but luckily he was right.”
After the accident, Grosjean, France, was taken to hospital with fractured ribs and burn injuries to his hands and feet, and was later rescued by racing point driver Lance Strohl from his downed car after another accident.
At the finish, Hamilton came home at a controlled pace behind the safety car, followed by Verstappen and his Red Bull teammate Alex Alban, who profit after an engine failure, with three points remaining for Racing Point’s Sergio Perez.
Lando Norris was fourth, ahead of his McLaren teammate Carlos Sainz, while Pierre Gasley’s Alpha Tauri and Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo were sixth.
Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas finished eighth with a puncture, ahead of Esteban Ocon and Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc in the second Renault.
Hamilton’s win made it 131 points clear of Bottas in the playoffs, who have already won.
Gasley said he texted patriot Grosjean after the race.
“It was horrible. When I saw the shocking pictures, it was really scary, but I didn’t know that the F1 car could break that way. The Hollow really did work. I messaged him that he could get a good recovery.” Subject. ”


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