Tokyo: Japanese residents are torn between tremors and temporary support for next year’s Olympic Games, which are now more expensive than expected amid a surge in coronavirus cases.
The postponed event will cost an additional 294 billion yen (8 2.8 billion yen) with a bill shared by the Tokyo 2020 organizing committee, the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG), organizers said in a statement Friday.
In total, the TMG and the national government and Japanese taxpayers are expected to pay 191 billion yen to cover deferral costs and a raft of coronavirus countermeasures.
While the total Games budget is now likely to move north of 1.63 trillion yen, some Japanese residents are taking pictures near the newly built national stadium on Monday, believing it to be a decent price.
“I think the number of cases of coronavirus infection (in Japan) is even smaller than in other countries, so I think they can somehow (play sports) in this situation,” said 72-year-old Shiro Terui.
“It also contributes to the global economy.”
Satsuki Kataoka, an accountant who walks her dog near the stadium, said she admits that running a sporting event during the epidemic brings additional costs.
“As a taxpayer, I think the (extra) budget they have collected is a little bigger,” he said. “But I understand that additional costs are needed because of the coronavirus situation.”
Although Japan has avoided the enormous number of Kovid-19 cases and deaths seen in other countries around the world, they are now experiencing a third wave.
Support for Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga’s vote fell from 63.0% a month ago to 50.3%, a disagreement rating jumped from 19.2% to 32.8%, a Kyodo News poll showed.
More than 15,000 athletes come from all over the world Tokyo For the Games, there are fears that their arrival could lead to an increase in Covid-19 cases.
“To my mind, it is very alarming that so many people abroad visit Japan in such a situation,” said Riota Sato, 27. “So, I don’t support it. I expect it can be canceled or rescheduled.”
Organizers have said they will determine how many spectators will be allowed to the Olympic venues in the spring.


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