New Delhi: Three more members of the New Zealand Pakistan Cricket Team have tested positive after the second round of Kovid-19. The number of affected players has been taken to 10. One more test result is pending.
The New Zealand Ministry of Health is still investigating whether the cases are historical.
“The 6-day swabs were taken yesterday by 46 members of the Pakistan cricket team in Christchurch. So far, they have given negative test results for Kovid-19. Of those, 42 have given further negative test results. “New Zealand’s Ministry of Health said in a statement on Tuesday.
The ministry said that the ban on Pakistan team training will continue until the health training officer decides there is no danger in their training.
“The team is not allowed to train until the Canterbury DHB Health Medical Officer determines that they are satisfied that any training activities are unlikely to spread Kovid-19,” the statement added.
The Pakistan cricket team, comprising paramedics, arrived in New Zealand on November 24 and underwent their first test on the third day, Friday. Seven members tested positive on that test.
They are facing a 14-day quarantine. On the third, sixth and twelfth days of separation, Pakistani players had to be tested for coronavirus. His third and final exam will be held on Sunday.
They will begin their international series against New Zealand on December 18 with T20 International, but their practice matches will start on December 10.


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