Australia’s Daniel Ricciardo on Wednesday revealed his own fears early in the year as he awaits Formula One news about the recovery of seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton from COVID-19.
Mercedes driver Hamilton remains exclusively in Bahrain, uncertain for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix at the end of Sunday’s season.
George Russell was listed for champions on Thursday’s news conference schedule after making an impact as a stand-in in Bahrain last weekend, but Mercedes said he could leave the decision open until Saturday.
During a video conference with reporters at Yas Marina, Renault’s Ricciardo was asked what was the craziest or craziest thing to do, as he reviewed the epidemic.
“I woke up one morning with a false-negative or false-positive, whatever they call it. So I was terrified at 6am one morning,” he said.
“There was a little bit of panic and it wasn’t fun.
“I was fine in the end, but that was clearly something I hadn’t gone through before. And then in your head, ‘Do I feel a little bit …’ and ‘Maybe I have it.”
Ricciardo’s team made it clear that it was an indefinite test, after the Italian race and before the Russian GP in late September, Australia said.
Formula One has dealt with ‘bubbles within bubbles’ since the start of the season in July, following the cancellation of a scheduled March opener in Australia when an employee of McLaren tested positive.
Racing point teammates Mexican Sergio Perez and Canadian Lance Stroll tested positive early in the year. Hamilton got the result after winning his seventh championship in Turkey last month.
Ricciardo, who is joining McLaren at the end of two years with McLaren after two years with Renault, said Perez was more disciplined about separating after his positive test.


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