KYIV: Real Madrid’s Champions League hopes remain in balance after Shaktar’s 2-0 defeat at Donetsk on Tuesday, with Group B at third after a round of matches.
Madrid won their last Champions League in 2018 when 13-time European champions took advantage of Rafael Warren’s concentration to score Shakhtar substitute Dentinho in the 57th minute at the empty Olympic Stadium.
Israeli forward Manor Solomon followed with a solo run over the counter in the 82nd, a shock victory over the Spanish players in the bottom corner.

Dentinho came in to replace striker Jr. Moraes in the first half, wounding Warren after he was thrown out in an attempt to prevent goalless forward racing from being challenged.
Shaktar, who beat Madrid 3-2 in October, is second in Group B with seven points, ined with Nedin Zidane’s side but due to his head-to-head record.
Madrid’s fate seemed to be out of their hands for the next week but gave them a lifeline by defeating Inter Milan captain Borussia Mೆnchengladbach 3-2.
Real host Gladbach knows that next week’s win in their final will qualify for the 24th consecutive tie for their group.
He was going through a draw until he beat Inter Shakhtar at home.

The defeat saw the Aleks fall to 2-1 in La Liga on Saturday but vowed to fight Zidane, suggesting he might resign after being crowned the third straight Champions League crown in May 2018.
“I’m optimistic. It’s a tough moment but we have to show our character now and stand tall,” he said.
“What happened today is a real shame, because we don’t deserve it but we have to win our next game.
The Spanish champions won their last European match in Inter 2-0, while the Ukrainians beat Gladbach 4-0, although Zidane’s team was brought back to earth.
Real missed the signing of Eden Hazard after another injury to Belgium and was without captain Sergio Ramos, though he was encouraged by the return of Kareem Benmare.
They looked good before the interval and scored the opening goal when Marco Asensio hit the post from a tight angle, but the second half belonged to Shaktar, who scored another upset victory over the kings of European football.
Shaktar’s Solomon said: “It’s a good match for us and a good result. Six points in two games against Real is a dream come true. Now we have a good chance to qualify for the knockout stage but we have a very tough game with Inter.”


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