Buenos Aires: Argentine investigators raided Diego Maradona’s psychiatrist’s home on Tuesday, the latest turning point in the death of the football legend last week, which has already seen files seized from his personal doctor.
The plaintiffs, with a judicial order, searched at the home and private office of Augustina Kosachov in Buenos Aires, as they did Sunday with the properties of Leopoldo Luk, a personal physician in Maradona.
“These are routine steps when investigating the causes of a patient’s death,” Kosachov’s lawyer, Vadim Mischanchuk, told local television. “Finding Medical History in Telephone and Computers.”
Maradona, who battled long battles with addiction, died of heart failure last week at age 60 after undergoing brain surgery in November for a blood clot.
The death of the World Cup winner had ripple effects around the globe and a sad pour from Argentina to Naples, Italy.

Prosecutors are investigating a possible “misconduct” and if it meets the medical requirements necessary for care, attorney Mischanchuk said.
Two sources close the case, who declined to be named, telling Reuters that Maradona’s death was “aimed at prosecutors.” He said the investigation was looking at wrongful death and medical negligence.
Maradona’s lawyer, Matias Morla, last week criticized what he termed the emergency response’s slow response, saying it would ask for a full investigation into the circumstances of the sports star’s death.


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