Dehradun: Uttarakhand, one of the first states to enforce a law against ‘love jihad’, may end extended monetary benefits for couples who have an inter-faith marriage.
The move is being mulled after the state government got into a sticky situation when the Department of Social Trust recently issued a press release detailing 18 pairs of tehsils in a district. Marriages.
Uttarakhand passed the ‘Religious Freedom Bill’ in 2018, imposing a two-year prison sentence on anyone found guilty of religious conversion by force or lure. In addition, the Uttarakhand states, such as Odisha, the MP, the Hattis, the HP and Gujarat, had anti-conversion law in one form or another.
Recently, when the Department of Social Welfare issued a press release on the benefits offered to inter-faith couples under the scheme, a section of people raised allegations that the government was promoting ‘love jihad’ by continuing such schemes. CM T.S. Rawat ordered an investigation into the matter. Sources said the state administration is now financing inter-faith marriages on the issue. It is likely to continue with monetary support for interracial marriages.
Asked if the state’s urban development minister and government spokesman, Madan Kaushik, told TOI, “The plan was put in place during the Congress government in 1976 when Uttarakhand was part of Uttar Pradesh. Again, when in office in 2014, the Congress government paid Rs 10,000 to Rs 50,000 for inter-religious marriages. But, when we came up with our Uttarakhand Freedom of Freedom Act 2018 and cleared it in the state assembly, the plan became null and void. ”
“The project has been canceled but if there is still some confusion, it will be sorted out soon,” he said.
The opposition Congress attacked the BJP, saying it would “mislead the people again.” Suryakant Dasmana, vice-president of the Congress state, said, “This plan existed before the formation of the state and has not been abolished and is still ongoing. Secondly, even if this plan is abolished, how is it to prevent the marriage of two persons from different religions, as our Constitution provides? ”


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