NEW DELHI: Russia and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov have hit the west on Wednesday as the US and others seek to engage India in “anti-China games” through the Indo-Pacific concept, and weaken Russian relations with India.
Speaking at a meeting of the government-run think tank Russian International Affairs Council via video link, Lavrov said the West is trying to reestablish a single polar world order that includes all states but deals with Russia and China later.
Lavrov said that “poles” such as Russia and China are unlikely to be subordinated. “However, India is currently the object of persistent, aggressive and deceptive policies of Western countries, as they seek to engage in anti-China games by promoting Indo-Pacific tactics such as ‘quad’, while at the same time seeking to undermine our close partnership and privileged relations with Western India.” “This is the target of US pressure on New Delhi in the MTC (military and technical cooperation) area,” he said.
Russia has been steadfast in opposing the Indo-Pacific strategy, with its main goal being China. However, India claims that the Indo-Pacific is an open, open, transparent and inclusive concept with ASEAN at its center and does not exclude any country.
Lavrov added: “The US-led West has started a game that has rejected the objective tendency towards multi-polar world structure. It has been postponing Russia and China and trying to draw others into a single polar world.”
The G20 is the only mechanism outside the UN Security Council, where it is still possible to “come to terms based on a balance of interests,” he said. “It tells the G7, BRICS countries and states that they share the BRICS philosophy more than the G7,” Lavrov said.


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