Kolkata: West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has issued a stern warning against “anti-party activities” and said that TMC leaders in contact with the opposition are free to leave the ruling party in the state.
Though the TMC chief did not take any name, sources in the party said her disgruntled leader, Svendu, had resigned recently, resigning to her cabinet and some lawmakers who spoke out against party top officials.
“At a party meeting held during the day, Banerjee said that if one leader leaves the party, he can still create lakhs of leaders,” a senior leader of the TMC said in anonymity.
He spoke to the father of a Svendu officer and the head of the Purba Medinipur TMC and the Sisir officer of the Kanthi MP and asked him to take control of the anti-party activities and dismiss the “traitors” from the party district unit.
“Sisir Da said he would check it out,” the TMC leader said.
Banerjee extended his support to the North Indian peasant movement against the new agricultural laws and asked the farmers’ section of the TMC to hold a three-day rally in front of the statue. Mahatma Gandhi In central Kolkata from December 8.
“Those who do not tolerate anti-party activities and who are in contact with the opposition camp are free to leave the party,” he said.
“Those in the TMC must abide by the rules and regulations laid down in the party constitution and no one is above the party,” Banerjee said.
Banerjee, who conveyed a strong message to a section of party leaders who have raised their voices against the leadership and the government, said that a video conference with TMC leaders was free to go out rather than “weaken it from the inside”.
The rift between the TMC and the Zvendu official extended Thursday as the party described the deal’s efforts as a “closed chapter” and the disgruntled leader was taking potshots at his top brass.
At a four-hour party meeting that began at 2pm on Friday afternoon, Banerjee described how the TMC was built from scratch in 1998 and the early days of the fight.
Sources said that they have unveiled a new program called ‘Bangodhwani’ (Voice of West Bengal) to inform the public about the development work undertaken by the TMC government during the 10 years of its rule in the state.
The party leaders and cadre will reach out to people in every corner and corner of the state during the Program TREACH program from December 11-24.
The elections for the 294-member West Bengal assembly will be held in April-May next year.


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