New Delhi: The Union Health Ministry on Tuesday issued written directives to states and central regions to create expert groups to study the market and determine the rates of Kovid-19 tests.
Responding to a question at a press conference, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said that determining the rates of tests is not within the scope of the centers and the state.
“However, the Center periodically makes recommendations to the state and central regions about determining the rates of tests in a rational and transparent manner.
“Last week, the Union Health Ministry wrote to all states to create a group of experts to study the market and determine test rates. States have adopted different ways to set rates,” he said.
With the increase in the production of Indian manufacturer kits, the price of Kovid-19 test kits is Rs 75 per RT-PCR kit. 37 and Rs.
“Prices have fallen dramatically. India has started exporting kits and demand is lower than supply, so prices are down,” Bhargava said.


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