New Delhi: Experts and doctors say the rapid development of the vaccine against Kovid-19 is useful if people take it and distrust or hesitation can hinder immunity, overcoming any side effects while emphasizing the benefits of vaccination.
Amid mounting suspicion and fears that cement companies may opt for rapid trials and ignore adverse events or compromise on efficacy, the government is planning to launch a massive awareness campaign against vaccine hesitation in its quest to develop a vaccine to end the epidemic. The government plans to rope in key political leaders, including state chief ministers and celebrities, to send messages.
Dr Randeep Gularia, director of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, said concerns about adverse events were wrong because the vaccine was given to a large number of patients globally during trials and no significant adverse events were reported from any of the major trials so far to signal the alarm.
Dr Guleria said, “Safety codes are very strong in data that has emerged from global clinical trials. If you combine three major trials globally, including AstraZeneca, a total of 70,000-80,000 people will be vaccinated, but no vaccine will show any significant side effect.”
“For any disease, you should do a risk benefit analysis. Vaccine benefits greatly in breaking the chain of transmission and reducing mortality in high-risk groups, ”said Dr Guleria.
Dr. Apollo Hospitals Group Medical Director Apollo Hospitals Group highlighted that vaccines have been instrumental in curing various ailments. Anupam Sibal says, “Diseases have been eradicated from smallpox and then polio through vaccination. It goes without saying that vaccines against vaccines have saved millions of lives and have led to less severe manifestations of various ailments if the disease were to manifest itself despite vaccination. Vaccineology is a very advanced scientific discipline that has led to the creation of wonderful life-saving vaccines ”.
Vaccine experts say that when there is a serious adverse event, it is important to determine its relationship to vaccination.
Researcher and vaccine specialist Gagandeep Kang says, “Thousands of people are vaccinated in trials, some rare events that can only be taken in the third or later period. Even if the vaccine is safe, vaccinated people will have some disease.” , The sponsors and the Data Safety Monitoring Board are of great concern, he explains.
In the recently reported adverse event from a clinical trial of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine candidate at the Serum Institute, no side effect of the DSMB vaccine was found.
However, distrust of such vaccines is not confined to India, but is more common in developed countries. A recent survey in the US found that only 51% of American adults prescribed coronavirus vaccine ich ness.


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