New Delhi: Cabinet Secretary of State Rajiv Gouba checked on Tuesday With Top officials of States After this, vaccine disposal systems were available and asked to set up a database of people, such as health workers, who would be managed on a priority basis, officials said.
The meeting was attended by Chief Secretaries, Health Secretaries and other senior officials States And union areas.
The Cabinet Secretary Kovid-19 reviewed the vaccine exit system and asked the state and central regions to prepare a database of the preferred group of people receiving the vaccine at an early stage, a government official said.
The meeting came three days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Pune to review the development and production process of coronavirus vaccines at facilities in these cities.
The central government is taking steps to distribute the coronavirus vaccine quickly and efficiently.
Five vaccine candidates are in advanced stages of development. If there are four Phase II-III and one Phase-II trials.
An estimated one million frontline health workers receive the first dose of the Kovid-19 vaccine when it is available, With 92 per cent in government hospitals and 55 per cent in private hospitals States And union areas that provide data identifying labor areas.
The government has called an all-party meeting to discuss the Kovid-19 pandemic on December 4 under Modi’s presidency. The issue of vaccination is expected to be discussed at the meeting.
India’s Kovid-19 caseload rose to 94.62 lakh With There was a 30 per cent decline in new deaths and cases in November compared to October, but total expenditure rose to 88,89,585, the Union Ministry of Health data released Tuesday.
The total number of coronavirus cases increased to 94,62,809 With The death toll rose to 1,37,621 after 31,118 new infections and 482 more deaths were reported, updated data showed at 8am.
New infections caused by Kovid-19 began to decline steadily from the first week of October.
A total of 12,78,727 cases were reported in November, down from 18,71,498 in October, making up 13.51 percent of the total cases of virus infection reported in the country so far.
The number of people recovering from the disease rose to 88,89,585, pushing the national recovery rate to 93.94 per cent. The death toll from the Kovid-19 case stands at 1.45 per cent.
Active Kovid-19 caseload was less than five lakhs on 21st consecutive day.
There are 435,603 active cases in the country, representing 4.60 per cent of the total caseload.


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