Patna: Opposition parties led by RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav on Saturday vowed to support agitating farmers in protest against the new agrarian legislation.
Leaders of both the Congress and the Left parties gathered at the Dharna site and the RJD leader backed a nationwide strike called by peasant organizations on December 8 against agrarian legislation.
Other units of the Grand Alliance, other than the CPI-ML, participated in the rally.
The Communist Party of India (Marxist Leninists) (liberation) did not participate in the rally organized by the RJD as the party organized a “road blockade” throughout Bihar during the day to protest agrarian laws, its secretary of state Kunal told PTI.
Also, the party has not received any information regarding the RJD’s holdings, Kunal said.
The district administration refused permission to Tejashwi and others to march in front of the statue of the nation’s father inside the Gandhi Grounds, which they later protested outside the fourth gate of the sprawling grounds in the heart of the capital.
Later, the administration allowed some leaders, including Tejashwi Yadav, RJD Bihar chief Jagadanand Singh, former minister Shyam Rajak, Congress leader Madan Mohan Ha and Ajit Sharma, and leaders of the Left Party to go to the ground and support the protesting farmers. .
The RJD announced on Friday that a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, who had been attacked by proposed legislation aimed at allowing large private players in the agriculture sector, will be held.
A senior official of the Patna district, seeking anonymity, said the PTI “will not be allowed in the Gandhi Maidan as a ‘restricted area’. If anyone is to hold a rally, they can be placed in the declared Garden Garden as a designated place to hold the rally.”
In addition, the administration should ensure that the Kovid-19 rules are followed, such as a rally in the public space in view of the coronavirus epidemic, or that any form of parade or rally is not allowed, he said.
Yadav, the youngest son of RJD chief Lalu Prasad, swiped over to the NDA government in the state as he was not allowed to stage protests inside Gandhi Maidan
“The day the top leader of the nation’s murderer’s trust is in town, the state’s BJP government has arrested Mahatma Gandhi on the field,” said RJD leader Mohan Bhagwat in town to hold a meeting with RSS activists.
“I stand with Annadata (food supplier) in the fight against Dhandata Stated in a tweet.
Tejashwi said that after taking proper consideration of the central government’s decision to bring in (agricultural laws) to privatize everything, Tejashwi said, “We have been saying for a long time that they (BJP) will sell everything if they come to power. This is now coming true.
“Farmers have a problem with assuring MSP for their produce. If it is not guaranteed (MSP), farmers will be spoiled.”
While the ruling JDU assaulted Yadav for sitting on a raised platform during the show, Jagadanand Singh and others were sitting on the floor.
“Adadavtejashvi will tell people why he (Jagadanand Singh) is trying to show his status by making him sit at his feet. If Jagath Babu is a token, your intention is to tear down the social group.
“The Jungle Raj prince must answer that your purpose has been fulfilled,” JDU spokesperson Neeraj Kumar said in a tweet.
One brother (Tej Pratap Yadav) referred to the late RJD leader Raghuvansh Prasad Singh as a “pot of water with no difference to the ocean” while another party’s senior leader Jagadanand Singh made him sit at his feet during the rally. Neeraj.
Jagadanand Singh is a close friend of Lalu Prasad.
When the JDU leader Tejashwis made a statement during the assembly elections, the poor were walking before “Babu Saheb”, which was used to refer to the upper-caste Rajputs of Bihar, whose head was high when Lalu Prasad was present.
The RJD leader came up with his assertion that casteist remarks were out of control, after which he was actually referring to “Sarkari Babas” (government officials) who are denying justice to the weaker sections under the auspices of the Nitish Kumar government.


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