Chandigarh: Shiromani Akali Dal on Wednesday asked the BJP-led Center to “immediately and unconditionally” repeal three agricultural laws and “stop playing” with innocent farmers.
The SADAmidst the continuous digging of Congress after the enactment of the laws, the National Democratic Alliance came out of the rejection of the Center’s proposal on these laws.
“These proposals are nothing more than delays and diversion tactics and tactics that have been duly rejected by farmers,” it said.
“We are with farmers in everything and in every way,” it said.
Farmer leaders on Wednesday rejected the government’s proposal for three controversial agri-market laws and said it would intensify its agitation against the legislation with a nationwide protest on December 14.
Senior Akali leader Bikram Singh Majithia has stated that there is nothing new in these proposals.
“These are the same proposals that the SAD rejected before standing with the farmers from the government and the NDA,” he said.
“This is a tragedy. The country’s ‘Annadata’, farmers are facing cruelty and biting from their 14-day-old babies to their elders in their late eighties and nineties,” the Akali leader said.
He urged the government to “abandon the stubborn refusal to listen to the peasant’s words and declare their demands unacceptable and unconditional.”
“The government says that agricultural laws are for the welfare of farmers. If the farmers do not want these, the imposition of these laws on them is totally unreasonable, wrong and anti-democratic, ”the former minister said.
The senior Akali leader expressed deep concern over “how the soft and sophisticated image of our country is taking a big hit with the repressive management of the government.”
“People and institutions around the world, including the UN, have enjoyed solidarity with our brave but troubled peasants and our own elected government continues to be absolutely harsh and insensitive to their suffering,” Majithia alleged.
“The untold miseries of the country’s breadwinners are courageous, presenting a touching human wit that can move even the most heartbreaking enemies,” he said.
The Akali leader alleged that the government’s “apathy” and “love and preference for wealthy corporations” about its people brought back memories of “colonial rulers.”
“Kindness is more so because today the rulers are not foreigners but our own elected representatives. As parents in the family, people have chosen them in the hope that they will solve their problems. Unfortunately, parents are cruel and heartless against their own children,” he alleged.


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