New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Friday appealed to the Center to take a decision on the mercy petition filed on behalf of Balwant Singh Rajojana, who was convicted and sentenced to death for the bomb blast that killed the then CM CM Beant Singh in 1995.
On September 27 last year to commemorate Guru Nanak Dev’s 550th birthday, the Home Ministry has informed the Punjab Chief Secretary that Rajoana’s death sentence is scheduled to be sentenced to life imprisonment. Rajovana, who did not appeal against the death sentence awarded by the trial court in 2007 and the endorsement of the Punjab and Haryana HC in 2010, has asked the SC to seek the death penalty for the last time he was in jail. 25 years in the last 13 years and in execution.
Chief Justice S.A. Additional Solicitor General K.M. The accused in the Beant Singh murder case are pending in SC since 2011.
Not explaining the nine-year delay in hearing the SC’s appeals, Justice Naitraj said, “It is clear that the co-accused appeals have no relevance to the process of filing mercy petitions before the President. To exercise his powers under Article 72 of the Constitution. “Nataraj requested two weeks to respond after receiving instructions from the central government.
14 petitions were filed before the President in 2012 seeking mercy from Rajoana.


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