BANGALORE: Farmers of various districts staged a ‘barkool’ in the city on Wednesday to protest against the passage of the Karnataka Land Reform (2nd Amendment) Bill 2020.
Groups of farmers allege that the bill allows non-agricultural, especially real estate lobbying, to acquire agricultural land. He displayed ‘barcolus’ (whip sticks) to inform politicians that they were not acting in the interests of the peasantry and that they had to be taught a lesson.
Hundreds of farmers gathered in different parts of the city to shout slogans against the BJP and the JD (S), which backed the bill on Tuesday. Farmers said the decision to repeal sections 79 (a), 79 (b) and 79 (c) would remove the land-buying income threshold, allowing the wealthy and powerful to take over smallholder-owned land.
Traffic in the central business district was thrown out of gear for several hours as all the major junctions were blocked by a busy crowd. In fact, many rights were stopped at toll gates and other entry points from entering the city.


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