NEW DELHI: A special CBI court has granted bail to a retired CBI officer accused of bribing Rs 50 lakh for allegedly influencing the outcome of a case registered by the agency after observing that it was not mandatory to prosecute a public servant. From the agency.
Though the CBI has filed a charge sheet in the record of Special CBI Judge Chandrashekhar, the required permission under the provisions of Section 19 of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 has not been forwarded with the charge sheet.
Therefore, the court said, “By law, the crimes cannot be taken cognizant and the matter cannot proceed further. NMP Sinha’s extension / judicial custody remand awaiting approval seems unjustified.”
Senior lawyer Vikas Pahwa, who appeared on behalf of Sinha, argued that his client had been in judicial custody for almost 60 days and that a charge sheet had been filed against him for failing to comply with the law. He argued that Sinha was not in a position to influence or prosecute any prosecution witnesses.
The CBI, through its prosecutor, has filed an application for approval with the competent authority, arguing that the bail application is pending and seeking to extend his judicial custody remand until December 2, 2020.
It is alleged that the then Director (Mines) of Jharkhand was one of the supervisors of the case against the Government Id Paswan during his service till his retirement as CBI Superintendent of Police on August 31, 2020. Mesha Usha Martin Limited and other unknown persons.
During his service and after his retirement, another accused, Vinay Kumar Jalan, a chartered accountant, was paid Rs 50 lakh to “influence” CBI officers investigating the case.
The amount had to be paid in installments and Jalan was paid Rs 25 lakh. He was withheld on October 2, 2020 after payment and money was recovered.
After a hearing on both sides, Sinha was granted bail on a personal bond of Rs. 1 lakh and directed to leave the country without court permission.


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