CHENNAI: Actor Rajinikanth on Thursday said he would end the suspense over his political plans, launching a political party in January. Rajinikanth took to Twitter to announce that the official announcement would be made on December 31, ending a 24-year wait for his fans.
“With the overwhelming support of the people, we will capture power and provide a non-corrupt and transparent government that is above caste, creed and religion,” Rajinikanth said in a tweet.
“Change. We change everything. Miracles and wonders happen. If not now, never will, ”he tweeted, taking the leaf of his fans’ campaign with the same announcement over the past few months.
As his announcement found traction, the actor followed suit. “I made it clear on December 31, 2017 (when he addressed his fans here) that I will definitely enter politics during the Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. In March of this year I was told to look for wave and rebellion by people who want political change. I want to take a state tour to do that. But Corona has prevented it from happening, ”Rajinikanth told reporters at his residence.
“I had a kidney transplant. When transplanted, the body’s level of immunity is reduced. So, the doctor advised me not to go out and meet people in large numbers, ”he said.
“If one is to confront Kovid, the body’s immunity must be very high. I thought about it. My life has been saved by the prayers of the people of Tamil Nadu … I am happy to give my life for the benefit of the people of this state, ”said Rajinikanth.
“The time has come to change the future of Tamil Nadu. There will be a change in government and a change in politics. I am just a small device. People need to bring about change by extending your support. If I win it is your victory. If I lose, it will be like people, ”he said.
The actor said that he has already begun the work of opening the party and has been given the responsibility of overseeing the work of Gandhia Makkal Ayyakkam president Tamilaruvi Maniyan. “Despite the criticism, he has stood by me since I made it clear that I would enter politics,” the actor said. “We have appointed R Arjuna’s idol as the chief coordinator of the BJP a few days ago,” he said.


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