New Delhi: Punjab’s ‘Nihangs’ (orthodox Sikh warriors) have joined farmers in protesting against the agrarian laws of the Center at the Singh’s border in Delhi.
Jathedar Lal Singh of the Shoromani Buddha Dal said most of the ‘Nihangs’ will join the farmers’ protest at the Singh border and they are moving from different parts of the state.
About 250 horses have also arrived along with ‘nihangs’, Singh said.
Many farmers say the ‘Nihangs’ are part of the thousands of people who have gathered at the Singh and Tikri borders of the nation’s capital in opposition to the new agricultural laws. The “mercy” of large corporate organizations.
“There are many ‘jathas’ among us. We are one of them and today we have reached the Singu border. We have asked other ‘jathas’ to go to the Singu border to support the farmers,” said Sewadar Ranjit Singh.
Farmer leaders met with the government Thursday afternoon on agricultural laws.
Parvita Taneja, one of the female protesters, said Singh had been at the border for the past three days.
“We think the government is trying to break peasant unity. They don’t listen to us. We are trying to make everyone aware of the situation. Taneja said that.
The winter has come and the temperature has decreased, but this has not affected the courage of the farmers, said Jagdish Singh, 60, a farmer from Punjab.
“This movement will take time and until then, we are here. We are holding meetings to discuss what the government will tell us. Temperatures are dropping and it is very cold here, but it does not affect our courage,” he said
A group of Muslim men from Punjab were also seen crossing the Singu border and feeding the protesters.
Mohammed Furkan (22), who hails from Punjab, said: “We are offering farmers a dish called sweet rice, which is popular in Muslim weddings. We came to the Singh border today but our other members came early.
The volunteers were al for the protesters, so they distributed essential items including oil, shampoo, toothpaste and soap.
Hundreds of farmers reached the Singu border on Friday in protest of the center’s new agricultural laws.
Police have used tear shells, water cannons and multi-layered barricades to block protesters, and in the wake of the sight mination push by farmers as part of their ‘Delhi Chalo’ procession, they have broken stone and barricades.


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