Patna: Congress veteran Tariq Anwar has accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of “trying to run the country like a dictator” and said the prime minister “did not trust anyone” when drafting three farm bills. Farmers’ interests.
Thousands of agitating farmers’ representatives have been sitting in various borders of the nation’s capital since November 26, demanding the repeal of three agricultural laws.
“A country is not run by a stubborn attitude. It is through dialogue, negotiation and communication (with stakeholders). But the attitude of our prime ministers is like a dictator. They want to run the country as a dictator.
“They feel that a decision cannot be changed or amended, regardless of whether the decision was made right or wrong,” the AICC general secretary told reporters here.
Bihar BJP spokesperson Nikhil Anand described the statement as absurd and baseless.
“Congress should maintain its own house. BJP and Prime Minister Modi have promoted dialogue and negotiation to strengthen democratic system in the country,” Anand said.
Negotiations between the government and protest farmers were held indefinitely after a five-round debate on Saturday as union leaders adhered to the demand for repeal of the new agricultural laws and held a ‘moun vrat’ demanding a clear ‘yes or no’ answer. The Center will call another meeting on December 9 to resolve the deadlock.
Farmers (Empowerment and Sustainability) are protesting against the Agreement on Price Promotion and Agricultural Services Act 2020; Farmers Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facility) Act, 2020; And the Essential Commodities (Amendment) Act 2020.
These three agricultural laws, which came into effect in September, have been identified as major reforms in agriculture that eliminate intermediaries and allow farmers to sell anywhere in the country.
Resistant farmers have expressed fears that the new laws will pave the way for the elimination of the minimum support price safety cushion and the elimination of knees.
The Center maintains that the MSP and knee procedures remain.
Senior Congress leaders, citing that the prime minister “did not trust anybody” when making three major decisions affecting the common people, said the prime minister had taken a “one-sided decision” on “demonetization, GST and agricultural bills.”
Anwar said the Bihar Congress would start a movement in the state after the Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) Act was repealed in 2006 and the plight of farmers was miserable.
Meanwhile, the AICC general secretary said the Bihar Congress Farmers’ Cell had approved the decision to re-appoint Rahul Gandhi as Congress president, as the entire country, especially farmers and workers, was looking to take up leadership to fight for their rights.
Congress has already backed the ‘Bharat Bandha’, called by the farmers’ unions on December 8 against the new agricultural market laws.
Bihar Congress chief Madan Mohan haha ​​has asked party workers of all levels to participate in the ‘Bharat Bandha’.


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