MUMBAI / LONDON: Pfizer-Biontech’s Kovid-19 vaccine has become the first country in the UK to be ratified by the UK, but the US has said it is “committed” to working with the Indian government to “explore opportunities” to eliminate it. Here. Experts say the vaccine will be challenging as India needs a storage of -70 degrees.
Pfizer spokesperson Roma Nair told TOI: “We are committed to advance our dialogue with the Government of India. We work with governments around the world to understand the infrastructure requirements of each country and we also have managerial plans. We are confident that the rollout can be performed in India. ”
Many countries such as the UK, US and EU have pre-ordered millions of vaccines using pre-purchase agreements. The US pre-orders the 100 million dose, while the EU pre-orders 200 million. The UK has pre-ordered 40 million.
India has not pre-ordered its vaccine with Pfizer.
The cost of getting a jab can range from $ 40-50 (Rs. 2,950 to Rs.
Former ICMR Director General NK Ganguly said, “Their entire production is reserved for the rich countries by 2021. India has not reserved or created ultra-cold storage and vaccine delivery. Therefore, it seems impossible.
However, a Pfizer official said the company is in talks with Gavi to provide a dosage to the facility that will support the needs of beneficiary countries. “Temperature-controlled shippers use dry ice to maintain recommended storage conditions for up to 10 days. The purpose is to use Pfizer-Strategic Transport Partners to transport key hubs and ground transport from one country / region to the dosing sites.”


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