United Nations: If Pakistan changes its current “culture of hatred” against religions in India and stops cross-border support TerrorismIndia has told the United Nations that a true culture of peace can be tried in South Asia and Beyang.
Addressing the UN General Assembly session on ‘Peace Culture’, Ashish Sharma, the First Secretary of the UN’s India Permanent Mission, said that in today’s world, intolerance, hate, violence and terrorism have become almost invisible.
He said that there is no doubt that terrorism, which is an expression of intolerance and violence, is the antithesis of all religions and cultures.
“If Pakistan changes its current culture of hatred against religions in India and stops supporting cross-border terrorism against our people, we can try a culture of true peace in South Asia and beyond,” Sharma said.
“Until then, we will only be muted to see Pakistan drive its minorities out of intimidation, oppression, proselytization and assassination.
He said economic hardship was caused by the increasing number of resources available to violent and terrorist groups who abuse religion to justify and promote their agendas.
“Supporting or forgiving terrorism is like feeding a monster that turns to serving us,” he said.
Instead of individually fighting such negative forces, India called on UN member states. “Instead of failing individually, let’s build a culture of peace together,” Sharma said.


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