NEW DELHI: The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is investigating a case related to the November 19 Nagrota encounter in which four suspected Pakistani Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists have died after a truck they were traveling in collided with a truck on the Jammu-Srinagar highway. Confrontation between the terrorists and the security forces. Sources said that clear and irrefutable evidence of Pakistan’s origins as neutralized terrorists has emerged and the case has been given international links to the NIA.
It was revealed that Pakistan-based elements were involved in an attempt to disrupt the District Development Council (DDC) election in J&K after the extraordinary recovery of weapons and other items made in Pakistan by the assassinated terrorists. Also, the route that the terrorists pursued to reach the encounter site led the BSF and J&K police to trace a 200-meter underground, cross-border tunnel near the international border in Samba, which they used to infiltrate.
Some of the key recoveries made by dead Jaish terrorists include digital mobile radio made by a Pakistani company called Micro Electronics. The messages on the DMR set clearly show that the intruding terrorists are in constant contact with their handlers across the border. These handlers followed the terrorists on their way to Kashmir and asked if they had any problems.
Also, the smartphone of Q Mobile, a Pakistani company; Drugs made in Karachi and other places in Pakistan; And shoes made in Pakistan have recovered from the encounter site, with terrorist organizations enjoying a safe haven in Pakistan.
The discovery of a cross-border tunnel in Samba further confirmed the origin of the conspiracy. The mouth of the tunnel was reinforced with sandbags and reinforced with Pakistan’s Karachi markers. The newly dug tunnel, in which a proper engineering effort appears to have shown the founding hand, has been used for the first time.
The emergence of evidence suggesting the role of Pakistani-based forces in the Nagrota encounter prompted Prime Minister Narendra Modi to directly name him “Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Pakistan-based terrorist organization.” Democracy exercises in Jammu and Kashmir ”.


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