Meerut: At a critical point in the agricultural cycle, men had to leave. Protest marches against the new agrarian laws were marching towards Delhi and hundreds of people from Uttar Pradesh joined. Returning home, he knew the women were holding the fort.
So, when tractor whistling through the fields of Gheespur village, it is not strange to see a 23-year-old boy on it. “We have 10 large farms of land. Someone has to take care of it or we lose our crops a year, ”Nishu Chaudhary told TOI. He was getting a master’s degree in physical education and came home when the Kovid-19 lockdown was first announced. When the protests began, the eldest of four siblings stood beside her father. “I favor our farm with my mother, sister and aunt. Most women in the area have done just that. ”
Millions of farmers are marching to Delhi to register their protest against the three new laws. In Punjab and Haryana, this is a relatively open period in the agricultural cycle – rice is harvested and wheat is sown. However, the sugar cane harvest season has begun in UP. And it is in the midst of the sowing of wheat.
55-year-old Mukesh Devi, who is about 5 km from Gheshpur in the village of Daurala, knows about it. “This is a critical time of year. Sugarcane harvesting, sowing wheat, ”he said. “But we cannot expect our men to leave Dhar Na.”
The mills will start crushing by November. Sugarcane is the primary cash crop of the state, with an annual turnover of Rs 50,000 crore. This means that farmers with large holdings can afford to hire workers. “They do the work, but someone has to be monitored. I spend all day monitoring the sugar cane harvest, ”said Manju Gujjar of Kakrala village in Muzaffarnagar.
Sumitra Devi of Raipur village in Bijnor also adopted: “I take care of everything. My husband had gone to Delhi. It was necessary. If we do not stand against it now, our next generations will suffer. “Far from home, protesting farmers are ready for a long journey. Women as well. Nishu said, “We don’t know how long it will take. Whether it’s three months or six, we’re ready. ”


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