New Delhi: Speaking by telephone with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, expressing her solidarity with the protesting farmers at the Singu border, she said she was “fully supportive” of her move to get the Center to withdraw farm bills. The government was “forcibly approved”.
While talking to the farmer leaders in Kolkata and greeting them for the courage to take up the center, Banerjee proposed his pro-farmer movement in Singur, where he began his fast on December 4, 14 years ago. Land is being taken away for business. The Singur movement, which began with Banerjee’s 26-day fast, resurrected the Trinamool Congress chief’s political relevance and ultimately paved the way for its historic victory in 2011 against 34 years of Leftist rule in Bengal. He is set to run for a third term next year.
On Friday, Banerjee told the peasant leaders, “Your movement is our movement, it is for the peasantry … It is the movement of the people … It is the movement of the whole country … We will stand with you in whatever help you need from Bengal … (Center) has changed the Essential Commodities Act and many other laws… They have taken the votes of the people, now they think they can do whatever they want with force, they can sell the country… We don’t want it (PM) Modi ji is selling the country … We work for a country for women … best of luck to your movement… ”
TMC MP Derek O’Brien met with peasant leaders here and facilitated their communication with Banerjee via his phone, then spoke to the chief minister’s farmers. Four phone calls to various groups in Haryana and Punjab, where they shared their demands and made it clear that farm bills (laws) should be repealed. He thanked the CM for his unity and expressed gratitude for all his support. ”
“It was a very emotional meeting. Farmers’ groups knew the laws and knew exactly what they wanted – repealing these laws, O’Brien said after spending four hours with farmer groups on the Singu border.
Banerjee said on Friday morning, “I started my 26-day fast in Kolkata on December 4, 2006, 14 years ago,” threatening to launch a nationwide campaign if the “anti-peasant” farming laws are not revoked. It is not possible to forcibly acquire agricultural land. I express my solidarity with all farmers who are protesting against the stringent farm bills passed without consultation with central # standwithformers. ”
TMC MP Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar said, “We demand the repeal of these laws. These laws were passed not to help farmers but to help multinationals and corporate organizations. Talking to reporters on Friday in Kolkata, the BJP’s intent was to sacrifice the interests of the farmers for their own interests.


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