New Delhi: India is the first country to record 90 lakh (nine million) infections due to Kovid-19 infection. The milestone reached Thursday, when it was announced that more than 43,000 patients in the country had been cured of the virus, and the number of new cases continued to slide.
India has the largest number of Covid-19 cases recovered in the world, accounting for 94% of all cases recorded in the country so far. The US recorded 14.3 million cases, compared with India’s 9.5 million, with the lowest rates being 8.4 million.

Meanwhile, 36,746 new cases were registered on Thursday, 1,000 fewer than the previous day’s rate.
For the fifth day in a row, there are less than 40,000 cases of daily Covid
India has recorded the second highest number of Covid cases so far, but the number of cases currently active is less than 4.2 lakh, the 7th highest number of cases in the world below the US, France, Italy, Brazil, Belgium and Russia.
Daily cases for five days are below the 40,000 mark. Despite the increasing number of fresh cases in several states, there has been no persistent rise in the epidemic so far this week.
However, the number of daily Kovid deaths is steadily increasing. As of Thursday, 542 casualties were reported in the country, up from 533 the previous day. While 445 deaths were registered on Sunday, the number rose to 486 on Monday and 500 on Tuesday. This rise seems to be mainly related to the number of deaths reported from Maharashtra, though states like Haryana and Himachal Pradesh have seen an increase in casualties.
Delhi recorded the highest number of casualties, with 82 recorded on Thursday, followed by Bengal (49), Haryana (32), Kerala and Uttar Pradesh (31 per capita), and Istisgarh (22). Most states that suffered the most damage reported a slight drop in new cases Thursday.


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