NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday asked pharma companies developing vaccines against Kovid-19 to make suggestions on regulatory processes and raise awareness about the vaccine and its effectiveness.
The PM’s comments came during a virtual meeting with teams of three biosensors that have vaccine candidates at different stages of the trial. Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Genoa Biopharma and Bio e. At the meeting, Modi said that organizations should make efforts to inform people about the vaccine and its effectiveness in a simple language. Issues related to logistics, transportation, cold chain, etc. in delivering vaccines were also discussed.
This is Modi’s second interaction with teams working to develop the Kovid-19 vaccine. On Saturday, he visited the YD Yadus Cadila’s Vaccine Development Center near Ahmedabad, the Bharat Biotech Facility in the Genome Valley near Hyderabad and the Serum Institute of India (SII) in Pune.
Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine candidate manufacturing partner SII has announced that it is conducting phase 3 trials in India and will apply for emergency use visualization for the vaccine in the next two weeks. Bharat Biotech has launched Phase 3 trials for its vaccine candidate in India, but it is likely that yd ndus Cadilla will soon enter Phase 3 trials.
Dr. Raschikovich for a vaccine candidate developed by Russia. While Reddis Labs is conducting 2/3 clinical trials in India, both Genoa and Bio E have developed candidates locally at the earliest stage of the trials and detailed data and results are expected early next year. Modi praised the efforts of scientists to bring the vaccine.


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