NEW DELHI: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday visited the Singu border, where thousands of farmers are protesting against the Center’s new agrarian laws and reviewing the arrangements made by the city government.
The visit came a day after the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) backed the ‘Bharat Bandha’ called by protesting farmers on December 8.
Kejriwal’s cabinet ministers and some party lawmakers were present during a brief visit to the protest site on the Delhi-Haryana border.
“I have reviewed the arrangements. We have received a lot of pressure to use the stadiums as temporary prisons but we have not been sanctioned and I think this has helped the movement. Since then, our party legislators and ministers have been working to ensure that farmers do not face any discomfort,” he said.
“We are working as a ‘Sewadar’. I have not come here as the Chief Minister, but as a ‘Sewadar’ to serve the farmers. It is our responsibility to support the farmers. I hope a solution will be reached soon,” he told reporters.
Addressing the farmers on Tuesday, the chief minister said, “AAP will participate in a nationwide strike. I hope the whole country will join in peacefully and I appeal to them to join and support the farmers.”
“I came to survey the systems. The toilets are switched on. The water is not reaching all levels so the motor and pipeline will be placed,”
“Farmers said they were happy with these arrangements. We spent the night here in support of our MLA Jarnail Singh. All our volunteers and party members are involved in serving the farmers,” Kejriwal said.
Thousands of farmers, mostly in Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh, are protesting against the new agricultural laws at various border centers in Delhi.
The center’s proposal to amend controversial laws during Saturday’s fifth-round talks failed to cut ice with farmer groups.


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