NEW DELHI: The government is likely to stay engaged, following reports that China is planning a mega-hydro project on the Brahmaputra river Beijing In the case of cross-border rivers to protect the interests of India. India carefully monitors all developments in the Brahmaputra river and its impact on the less mature states.
MEA spokesperson Anurag Srivastava said, “As a low riparian state with substantial established user rights to cross-border rivers, the government has consistently expressed its concerns and concerns to Chinese authorities and urged them to ensure that the interests of the lower states are not harmed.
Srivastava said that the Chinese side had informed India on several occasions that they were only undertaking river run-of-the-river hydro-power projects that did not involve diverting Brahmaputra’s water.
“Various issues related to cross-border rivers have been discussed with China in the scope of the Corporate Expert Level Establishment in 2006 and through diplomatic channels. It said any project would take into account the impact on “bottom areas”.
“Any project undergoes scientific planning and demonstration with full consideration for the impact of the downstream areas and the interests of the upstream and downstream countries,” the embassy’s spokesman said, adding that the Yarlung Zhangbo (Brahmaputra) river is still in the preliminary planning and demonstration stage.
India and Bangladesh, inferior maturing states have been raised about the dams of Brahmaputra, and China has always relieved their fears that it will take care of its interests and that its dams are mostly flow-river projects.


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