The fourth round of negotiations ended Thursday evening as the government agreed to reconsider some of the provisions introduced under the three new farm bills. The Center has suggested that the APMC may consider measures such as taxing the knees and private markets, allowing private traders to register and appealing to higher courts in leased agricultural disputes.

However, the mood at the end of the fourth round of negotiations was not so optimistic – as Union Minister of Agriculture Narendra Singh Tomar and Food and Consumer Affairs Minister Piyush Goyal – had clearly indicated to the agrarian unions that the three new farms would be abolished.

“The government has issued some instructions on MSP. The talks have made little progress, but farmers want to take back the laws, ”Bharat Kisan Union spokesman Rakesh Tikite said after the talks.

AIKS has demanded that the government unconditionally withdraw cases filed against protesting farmers across India.

“The AIKS strongly condemns the cowardly attempt by the Modi government to use the Delhi police to intimidate leaders and activists who are protesting against anti-farmer laws,” the Farmers Union tweeted with its official handle.


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