New Delhi: The Editors Guild of India (EGI) on Friday raised concerns over the news coverage of the peasant protest in Delhi, saying some media outlets are deploying the provocation without labeling them as “Khalistanis” and “anti-nationalists”. Any evidence.
It is contrary to the tenets of responsible and ethical journalism and such measures would jeopardize the credibility of the media, it said in a statement.
“The Editors Guild of India is concerned about the news coverage of farmers’ protests in the national capital, in which certain sections of the media have assigned them to deploy ‘khalistanis’,’ anti-nationals’ and other terms. The protests are without any evidence or evidence,”
The body advised media organizations to be fair and balanced in reporting protests.
“The EGI advises media institutions to demonstrate fairness, objectivity and balance in reporting peasant protests, without prejudice against those who exercise their constitutional rights to express themselves. Stated in the statement.


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