New Delhi: Covid-19 infections in India declined by 32% in November compared to the previous month, but India recorded the world’s second highest number of cases this month.
India reported about 12.8 lakh cases in November, second only to the US, where the epidemic rose to unprecedented levels, with the country recording 44.8 lakh cases – the highest in any country in any month. France has the third highest Covid number at 8.5 lakh, followed by Brazil (8 lakh) and Russia (6.8 lakh).
Meanwhile, the number of daily cases in India is less than 40,000 on the third day of running, with 36,440 fresh infections reported on Tuesday. According to data compiled by state governments, the total caseload in the country has increased to 94,99,450. The daily count of cases was 31,249 on Monday and the previous day was 39,192. There has been a trend of a slight decrease in cases seen over the past two weeks. However, the death toll rose to 500 on Tuesday. Over the past five days, casualties have been fewer than 500. The highest number of deaths were reported in the state on Tuesday with 95 deaths, followed by Delhi (86), Bengal (52), Hatt Titsga (31) and Haryana (28). Death toll in Himachal Pradesh has also risen, with the hill state reporting 21 deaths from the virus on Tuesday.
The highest number of new cases were reported in Kerala with 5,375 followed by Maharashtra (4,930), Delhi (4,006) and Bengal (3,315).
For the first time in seven months, Mumbai has recorded fewer than 10 Kovid related deaths in 24 hours. On Tuesday, Mumbai witnessed nine Kovid casualties, with the city reaching 10,893. Maharashtra recorded 95 deaths, up slightly from 80 deaths on Monday, reaching 47,246.


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