NEW DELHI: Amid a growing confrontation between farmers and the central government, former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi has asked people to decide if they “stand with PM Modi’s aggressive farmers or crony capitalist friends”. Behind Monday’s protest.
In a video message for the SpeakUpFormers campaign, Rahul said that if the Prime Minister claimed that agrarian laws were in favor of farmers, “the country’s farmers would come to Delhi in the cold and leave their home and fields.
“The Modi government should remember the Champaran protest of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel’s Bardoli Satyagraha that brought the British Empire to its knees,” said Anand Sharma, a senior Congress member. “I demand that this suppression of the Annadata farmers should be condemned and treated with respect and without any reparations,” he said.
Youth Congress President BV Srinivas led a team of volunteers to distribute food and milk to farmers sitting on the Indus-Delhi border. Speaking to AICC Social Media chief Rohan Gupta, the campaign will be on Twitter for the evening.


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