NEW DELHI: Congress has said on Saturday that Rahul Gandhi is completely consistent in his politics of principles and his acceptance in the party is unquestionable. NCP chief Sharad Pawar has declined to comment on former Congress chiefs.
Asked about Mitra Sharad Pawar’s recent comment that there are questions about Rahul’s stability, AICC general secretary (in-charge of Maharashtra) H.K. Patil said, “I don’t know when Pawar made a statement about Rahul Gandhi. But across the cadre, Congress, the AICC, blocks, small and big leaders all want Rahul to be in charge of the party. ”
Patil said, “Be it GST, demonetisation, peasant issues, BJP government failure in corona management, communal issues – Rahul is constantly fighting.”
“There is no question of Rahul’s stability,” senior Congress leader and Rajya Sabha MP Mallikarjun Kharge said.
“Sharad Pawar was also groomed by senior Congress leaders. Rahul’s acceptance in Congress is complete. When Barack Obama referred to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in his autobiography, it meant he was important in Indian politics. The Congress is a party that supports its opponents on secular principles to alienate the RSS because it (the RSS) intends to destroy the poor. Pawar is a skilled leader and he knows it, ”he said.


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