MUMBAI: Police on Friday filed a chargesheet against Republican TV editor Arnab Goswami and two others in the 2018 suicide case.
A chargesheet has been filed in Alibag in neighboring Raigad district on the death of interior designer Anvai Nayak and his mother Kumud.
Apart from Goswami, two other accused in the chargesheet are Feroz Sheikh and Nitish Sarda, Special Public Prosecutor Pradeep Gharat said.
He said 65 people were named as witnesses.
Incidentally, Goswami sought an injunction to submit a charge sheet to the Bombay High Court on Thursday, but the application has not yet been heard.
Goswami, Sheikh and Sarda were arrested by Alibag police on November 4, but were granted bail by the Supreme Court on November 11.
Anway Nayak and his mother Kumud committed suicide in 2018 as Goswami and two other accused were not paid their dues.
The case, which was closed for evidence in 2019, was reopened in May this year after Goswami alleged that the Maharashtra government was pursuing a sale against her for working as a TV journalist.


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