New Delhi: A delegation of five opposition leaders met President Ram Nath Kovind on Wednesday, urging the government not to be “disgusted” with the agitation by farmers against the new agrarian laws and to accept the demands of agrarian unions.
The delegation included Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, CPM’s Sitaram Yechury, NCP senior Sharad Pawar, CPI’s D Raja and DMK’s TKS Elangovan.
After the meeting, Rahul Gandhi promised that the government should not mislead the protesters and surrender to the opposition.
“They understand that if they fall victim, they have no future in Hindustan. I tell the farmers, ‘Don’t be afraid. No one can push you back … You are Hindustan,’ “he said.
Yechury referred to the peasant strike as “heroic and historic” and said the government should repeal agricultural laws and revoke the power amendment bill.
Pawar said the delegation representing the support and sentiments of more than 20 political parties should discuss the laws and send them to the selection committee.
“Bills havetily passed. That is the response of the farming community. Political parties are not directly involved in these protests. But farmers realize that these bills are not protecting their interests. The minimum support price (MSP) is not even mentioned in the bill, which is disturbing. It is the government’s duty to listen, ”Pawar said.


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