Panaji: Union Defense Minister Sripad Nayak, who is celebrating the Armed Forces Flag Day on Monday, welcomed the soldiers and commended them for their efforts and efforts to save the country.
India has been celebrating December 7, 1949, as the Armed Forces Flag Day to honor the soldiers who fought bravely on the borders to defend the country’s honor.
Nayak extended his greetings to the Armed Forces, saying in a video message, “National security is paramount to the future progress of our great nation.”
“The Indian Armed Forces have a duty to protect the unity and territorial integrity of the nation,” he said.
Together they form the country’s oldest institution, which has made a supreme sacrifice for the country and its people, the Goa MPs said.
“We must commend and commend the brave efforts of our brave and patriotic soldiers. Their heroic achievements in defending national unity make them proud to call us Indians,” he said.
Nayak appealed for citizens to contribute to the Armed Forces Flag Day Fund, which is intended for their rehabilitation and welfare.
“Such assistance goes a long way in enhancing the morale of soldiers, sailors and the Air Force in serving our country,” he said.
“Our soldiers, sailors and airmen are in grave danger to their lives,” the minister said while performing his duty.
“In the past, many of our soldiers sacrificed their precious lives and many were permanently disabled. They and their families deserve our sympathy to help them overcome their problems and problems and lead a normal life,” he said.


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